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You were built of love, stardust, and desire-

You are worth the effort of change

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Need clarity? Feeling stuck? Let's ask the Universe for behind-the-scene insights.

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Essays and videos

Videos and essays on everything from Astrology to chickens. Opinions! Free of charge.


Essays and videos

Paintings and photographs. Things to look at and things to buy. Take a chicken home today!


About Michele Kraft

The lessons and teachers that inform my practice.

What is Divination?

It's going to be alright!

For thousands of years, people have known that there is a Divine Source. Divination uses tools, like astrology and tarot, to ask that source for guidance.

Don't be held back by fear. An objective, loving perspective is available for you.

There's nothing weak about asking for help.

You're not chickenMy Tarot and Natal Chart Readings are live, compassionate conversations, recorded and delivered to you via e-mail. I'll outline the lovely potentials that are waiting for you- to act on or adjust to.