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You were built of love, stardust, and desire-

a beautiful soul on a secret mission of growth and discovery. That's difficult to remember these days. Life is painful- but it's beautiful, too. And it sure is a lot more fun when we open up to new possibilites and growth. A change in perspective can liberate us forever.


Need clarity? Feeling stuck? Let's ask The Universe for insights and perspective.


The lessons and teachers that inform my life and practice


Videos and words on everything from Astrology to Zoology


Paintings, Photography, and other stuff I make... as soon as I make more.

What is Divination?

A carrier pigeon delivers good news: It's going to be alright!

For thousands of years, people have known that there is a Divine Source. Divination uses tools, like astrology and tarot, to ask that source for guidance.

An objective, loving perspective is available for you.

There's nothing weak about asking for help.

A curious chicken

My Tarot and Natal Chart Readings are live, compassionate conversations, recorded and deliverd to you. I'll outline the lovely potentials that are waiting for you- to act on or adjust to.