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Divination, the Divine, and Flipping a Coin

What is divination?

Some are frightened by the word. Images of spooky ladies and Ouija boards may come to mind, and from there, it's easy for our horror-movie-informed brains take the leap to devils, monsters, and ghosts, oh my. Fear is powerful!

But divination is much more every-day than that. If you asked me, I'd tell you that if you flip a coin to decide something, you're practicing divination.

"As above, so below" - Hermes Trismegistus

Divination practices are based on the principle that everything is interconnected. From the Universe as a whole, right down to our DNA, we are a reflection of the Divine, a fractal spin-off, part of the ever-changing, interlocking, cosmic dance. Life, as we experience it, is a vibration of the sky and the earth. Our cells are maps of the cosmos.

Divination is the practice of observing a specific set of available reflections. That's what astrology is all about. Because I've learned what the symbols mean, I can look at a map of the sky from the moment when you were born and see what potentials are wrapped up in you, what ideas resonate with you, what your soul was interested in exploring in this life before you incarnated here again.

The same is true of reading Tarot cards, or the I Ching, or opening the Bible and reading what message you find. Random is never truly random; it's a reflection of the current moment, the zeitgeist in miniature.
Divination is a spiritual practice for me; I approach each session with reverence and awe. There's so much more to it than brute memorization and linking static symbols like some complex Mad-Lib. The divine works through the symbolism, but it also works through me, showing me the connections, revealing what you, the querant, needs to hear.

I'll never stop learning about the divine and how to love; they are subject and teacher all in one. Every time I experience the direct presence of the divine, be it in born-again Christian prayer meetings, chanting with Buddhists, dancing with Reclaiming Witches, or reading Tarot at my kitchen table, it is always the same: a visceral experience of love, acceptance, and joy. This is what I bring to my practice.

Life is not always fun. It's not always what we wanted or hoped for. It can be a struggle that brings us to our knees- especially when we resist the growth we planned for ourselves. I know this because I've lived it. Trauma, failure, humiliation, and shame have all been a part of my direct expereince.

Can we learn to sit easy in the saddle, work with the cosmic flow, to let go and love our experiences and ourselves? Can we embrace the challenges that come from following our desires and create a happy, fulfilling life? That's the challenge. I believe we can. And that approach is so much more fun than the alternative.

With love,

Michele Kraft


BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Post Baccalaureate Certificate, Maryland Institute College of Art
BS Towson State University

Studied with
Jeffery Wolf Green School of Astrology
Ari Moshe Wolf
Nadiya Shaw
Eliza Graney
Acyuta-bhava Dasa


Licensed to tend bar and run a fork lift in the state of Wisconsin