Reclaiming Our Time

Conservatives, zealous defenders of poor, dear, sweet employers, do not believe women should enjoy additional legal support against sex discrimination, especially the kind related to childbearing and motherhood. Women chose to have children, they sniff, like scorned lovers. She decided what was important, and it wasn’t her career. And now we’re not going to let her play in any more reindeer games.

But who decided what? She’s not the one making it impossible. They are.

I recently heard men talking of the sacrifices they have made to advance in their careers, tearfully recounting the late nights and all they had to endure to get ahead. I’ve heard anger in their voices, anger which seems to indicate it’s unfair, that women are trying to get away with something, and that something is a carefree life away from work. Seems funny they see it that way instead of wondering why their life, or anyone’s, has to be so difficult? Does the boss need more workers or another golden butt washer?

If humans are going to be around much longer, someone needs to create and tend to the replacement ranks. When a parent needs time away from work to tend to those details, why does our culture reflexively believe they’re slacking? Just because you didn’t think to ask for the freedom to be involved in your kid’s life doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it, too. You get a personal life! And you get a personal life! And you get a personal life!

Or wait, sorry, am I blowing your cover? You don’t actually want to take time out of your business life to pick up the kids from school, hear them, clean them, dress them and feed them? Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy sitting in a closet while you pump fluids out of your body for a few years while you’re trying to career. (Pro tip: Dress for Undress!) No? You’d rather dive into work and pick up as little of that patience draining bullshit as you can? Huh. But bitches need to keep having babies. Otherwise we’ll run out of white people. Under his eye.

I see.

We have enough resources in this country, in this world, to give everyone basic security, healthcare, a roof over their head, and a good education. It is a matter of deciding what is most important to all of us. And then we make our government make it happen. That is their one job.

We’ve been taught that kindness makes people lazy. We believe that granting mercy is like pouring money into the sea, that the monetary cost of helping humans is too high. That means money is more important than people.

It doesn’t have to be that way. VOTE, y’all, like your life depends on it.

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