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I used to be one of the scary people, a racist, anti-feminist, gun toting, pro-corporate, law-and-order Republican. My big rebel move was giving up on God, but I kept all the authoritarian traps that He'd been used to justify. You could say I threw out the baby and drank the bathwater. Since I saw myself as some kind of an intellectual political genius, it took a while for it to sink in that the other side had reasons for believing what they did. And those reasons had nothing to do with being weak, gullible, or lazy.

A progressive now, I'm interested in evolution of the self and the community, in spiritual, psychological and political contexts. I don't see much division in these categories myself. Informed by my years believing in patriarchal ideology, I’m interested in the psychology of what’s going down these days- what’s the context, what’s the history? How can we move toward openness, acceptance, and freedom? What can I tell you about my former tribe that will help us work toward unity?

Meanwhile, our lives are going by, and what's happening there is just as important to see. All those stupid little things that happen every day add up to everything we are. Chickens eating clover, tomatoes busting from the rain, overhread phone calls that make me laugh, an email from you, the buzz I get from a delicious hoppy beer, it's all relevant, it all matters. All of it.

A writer and artist, I've also been a dishwasher, a server, a bartender and a short order cook, a housekeeper, a captionist for the hearing impaired, and a web designer. I worked for the real mafia. I quit and I lived! I got a B in LGBTQ and a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My Post Bac was awarded by the Maryland Institute College of Art (the best school in the world).

Spirituality is important to me; I'm one of those people Pew calls Spiritual But Not Religious. That's another way of saying Ecclectic Pagan or Solitary Witch in my book, but those words are scary to many people. It just means that I believe everything is sacred, including our desires, and that evil is the result of pain and ignorance, not moral defects.

Otherwise, my husband, our dog Ziggy, and I live in a 150 year old farmhouse in Baltimore, Maryland.


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