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Yorkies More Popular Than Gold

My Pet Magazine, 2008
By Michele Kraft

Golden Retrievers that is, and German Shepherds. Once an obscure breed, the American Kennel club has rated the Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier, the second most popular breed in the United States since 2006, outpacing traditional American favorites like the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd. With no undercoat to shed, and a playful, jaunty nature to go along with its adorable diminutive size, it is no wonder the Yorkie has become so popular.

Based on AKC registration, the rise of the Yorkie reflects an overall trend in toy breed popularity. Coming from ninth place for the entire US in 1997, when ranked by city, Orlando gives Yorkies the number one spot, while in Milwaukee, Yorkies have yet to reach the top ten, but can you blame them? I'm sure we'd all rather live in Orlando.

Originating in England, it may surprise you to learn that the Yorkshire Terrier was first classified as a working breed. Brought to Yorkshire by Scottish workers in the mid 19th century, Yorkies were originally developed to eradicate vermin.

First recorded at an English dog show in 1861, the breed was called the "broken-haired Scotch Terrier" and officially recognized as the Yorkshire Terrier in 1870.
First appearing in the US in 1872, dog show classes for the Yorkie breed have been offered regularly since 1878. The Yorkie is one of the first 25 breeds recognized by the AKC.

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