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Private, compassionate, and judgment-free.
Everyone is welcome in my reading room.

You've got questions! The Universe has answers

We live in a chaotic and changing world. Some of it is scary. A lot of it is exciting. We're more free to be ourselves than we've been in centuries.

But freedom is only ours if we claim it. Other people's dumb ideas fears and judgements can drown out our own heart.
Our imagination can tilt toward the negative.
We might start thinking things will never get better. That there's no use in trying.
We might even get to thinking that there's something deeply wrong with us, or that we don't deserve happiness.

That's just not true, Loveroni!

A grounded, objective view can help us get our bearings. Astrology and Tarot translate our issues into archetypes so we can see things clearly. We can own our power. Find our home.

All of my readings are scheduled by you, using my secure appointments page. You can reschedule or fully cancel until 24 hours before the reading. You'll get reminders and a Zoom link before, and the opportunity to download a recording of it afterwards.

What's the best reading for my question?

Tarot works best with pointed, specific questions

  • Will the Universe support my plan?
  • What don't I see about this situation / emotion / relationship / person?
  • Do I have more to learn here? Or is it time to move on?
  • Is this job an opportunity or a trap?
  • How will it work out if I ______________?
  • An Astrologer once told me something very upsetting. I want a second opinion.

I use the Smith Ryder Waite deck for these readings.

Basic Three Card Spread Warning: Yields very direct answers. We'll lay out three cards to answer your question, and have a look at the card on the bottom of the deck. We'll talk about what it all means. 10-20 minutes.

Expanded Three Card Spread The same as the basic, but with more time to pull out the layered meanings, consult more cards, or for you to just talk about the issue with me- someone who isn't going to judge you or push a particular outcome. 20-30 minutes

Basic Celtic Cross Spread A more nuanced reading than the Three-Card, you'll see what's really at the heart of your issue, how the past informs it, where it is headed, how you relate to it, the atmosphere around it, what you're afraid of, and two possible outcomes. A wealth of information. 30-40 minutes

Free-Form Celtic Cross Spread This is an hour long session where you can ask as many questions as we have time for. We can lay multiple spreads. We can talk about Astrology, ghosts, or dreams. Use me as a sounding board or a shoulder to cry on. You've got me and the Universe's undivided attention. 60 minutes

See more details, and current pricing on my secure scheduling page.

My Astrology readings are best for over-arching questions

  • What am I naturally good at?
  • What's getting in the way of my growth?
  • Why do I keep picking the same kind of partner?
  • What the heck was *that* all about? (synchronicities, runs of "bad luck")
  • What did my soul want to get done in this life?
  • What can I do to increase my happiness?
  • What's coming up for me this year?
  • How can I best direct my energy?

Full Natal Chart Reading: I take a deep dive into your chart before we meet. We'll look at who you are, where you came from, and where you're headed. We'll explore answers to your question in the context of your chart. You'll find out why your question is coming up right now, and how it relates to the goals of this incarnation. We'll also take a look at how the current astrological weather is touching you, and what future transits may bring. 60 minutes

Chart Rectification: Don't know your birth time, but have an educated guess? We'll do astrological detective work to help us determine the approximate time of your birth. You'll find out your rising and moon signs, and get a copy of your chart. Find out what your people remember- a rough guess is a very helpful place to start. I'll ask you questions about your life, and you'll answer them thoughtfully. That's it! 10-15 minutes

Auspicious Chat-Style Reading: I'll look at your chart when we meet, and answer your questions on the fly. If you're not sure of your birth time, but have an educated guess, we can start by rectifying your chart. This is also the reading to choose if you have no idea what your birth time might be, but still want an Astrology reading. I'll use other forms of divination to draw up a chart for you- the Universe knows what you need to hear. In this free-form reading, you can ask me whatever you like as we go along. We can clarify issues that are involved with your question, have a look at the future and the past, draw some Tarot cards, whatever you like! You've got me and the Universe's undivided attention. 60 Minutes

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