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Essay: Offbeat Home
Dog Gone: Coping with Grief After the Death of a Dog-Child

Loki at Christmas
My Dearly Departed Loki

… Loki was as much like a son to me as a dog could be. He was smart, inquisitive, and expressive; legendary for his comedic behavior with our Wisconsin friends. A Great Dane/Labrador mutt, he was human-sized and happy; he taught me a lot about love and how to get it by putting it out there. The loss of his presence is almost a presence itself, a phantom hole everywhere our tiny family goes.

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Political Commentary:
Selected Posts for TametheBear.TV

The work I did for the Short lived Tame the Bear commented on the banking industry and the financial crisis we have never fully recovered from. I was alarmed by all I saw. And I was right to be.

The Rules

February 12, 2009

You and I have rules in our lives. We don’t even think about them. When we have a little oversight that results in a big overdraft, we expect to be fined. When we get behind on payments, we expect our credit will get dinged up. We know the rules.

Now the people who are so good at making harsh, punitive rules for us to follow, the banking industry, are suddenly jumping to lay down some new rules for themselves. Mark T. Williams, an expert in risk management and former Federal Reserve Bank examiner, had some interesting comments in the Washpo’s article, Banks to Assure Congress About Use of Public Funds :

“Wall Street has recently begun to elevate the importance of risk management as a good business practice”

Later in the article, he’s quoted calling this phenomenon the “return of the nerds”.

The sudden return, of what I would not call nerds but sanity…

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Kill the Zombie

March 27, 2009

With the New York Times editorial staff screaming about Geithner’s regulatory reform ideas, I expected, with my belief in the power of Obama’s oversight, that when I read the primary sources I would be relieved to find a silver lining. I encourage you to have a look yourself: Treasury Outlines Framework of Regulatory Reform (dead link) and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Written Testimony House Finance Services Committee Hearing.(dead link)

As outlined in Obama’s campaign and in his frequent addresses, I expected his man Gatherer’s main thrust would focus on doing right for American citizens.

Instead, I am alarmed that the NYT editorial critiques don’t scream loud enough, except, perhaps Krugman’s.

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Money for Nothing 

MARCH 17, 2009

As outlined on a previous post, AIG is blindly defending distributing bonuses to some of those in the chain of responsibility for ruining the world economy. They didn’t change the rules to make it happen, but they did the deals and grew quite rich themselves. Naturally, they are not giving it up without a fight.

In reading AIG CEO Edward Liddy’s letter to Geithner explaining how his hands were tied, it occurred to me that the United Auto Workers need to find the lawyers who wrote these air-tight contracts and hire them immediately.

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All Selected Tame the Bear Posts

Reportage: The Mount Horeb Mail
Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

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Hired to cover the school board meetings of a small Wisconsin town, what I thought would be a boring assignment became a well of intrigue and drama, a battleground of  conservative and progressive values. I learned a great deal at the Mail, but I also watched my scant remaining belief in the existence of an unbiased media dissipate forever.

Ridgeview Road Property Sold, Priced at Over a Half Million Dollars

School board negotiates price well over assessed and appraised values.

AUGUST 21, 2008

Amidst concern that the school board wouldn’t get a fair price for the property at 8900 Ridgeview Road without the aid of aThe Mount Horeb Mail real estate professional, the school board finalized a deal a few short months after advertising the property for sale in local papers. After a long negotiation process that included as many as 10 offers and counter offers from both parties, the board agreed to sell the property to Hearts and Hands Children’s Center for $525,000. Keep reading~


My Pet Magazine

One of the many articles I wrote for the monthly My Pet Magazine, based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Should they stay or should they go?
Holiday Travel and Your Dog


Those winter holidays are right around the corner, bringing comfort and joy as well as no small amount of stress. Many of us will be traveling over several days and face the issue of how to best care for our dogs when we travel. Many of us bend over backwards to take our dogs with us, it is wise to think about that experience from the perspective of your pooch.
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